Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

We at NFPS offer our students an opportunity to complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. The Award’s aim is to help equip young adults aged 14-24 for success in life. By recognizing all of the amazing things young people can do and learn outside the boundaries of formal education, the award empowers them to discover hidden talents, develop untapped leadership potential, make a difference in their community, and explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

The personal journey to earn the award requires young people to look beyond their comfort zone and tap in to their sense of discovery. Participants set and achieve personal goals in activities they want to experience and develop, making each award a unique journey. Simply put, they design a blueprint to transform their lives and we will support them each step of the way.

How it works:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada recognizes participants’ milestones at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, during which they challenge themselves in the following areas:

– Service;

– Skill Development;

– Physical Recreation;

– Adventurous Journey; and

– Residential Project (Gold Level only).

At NFPS the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aligns closely with our core values. Our grade 9 to 12 students will find a variety of unique ways to contribute to the community, experience the outdoors, and push themselves to try new activities.