Welcome to North Fort Private School!

Dear Parents:

Welcome to North Fort Private School, an accredited* private school for grades 7 to 12 in Fort McMurray.

We are delighted that your search for the right school has brought you to our website. Few decisions that you make regarding your child’s future will have such far-reaching effects as the choice of where to attend school. Now, more than ever, a good education is needed to help your child navigate the complex world they will live, work, and engage in.

We at NFPS not only will be continually renewing our education program to prepare our students for a life of public and personal purpose, but also will incorporate the idea of academic ambition. We will teach our students to never say “I can’t do that” but rather “I can’t do that yet.” We also want our students to benefit from all-round development as individuals and citizens. Through athletics and co-curricular activities, they will build confidence, team spirit, creativity, initiative, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

At NFPS we will be committed to fostering a sense of community between students, parents, teachers, and staff. We will pride ourselves on communication with our parents and on establishing a true partnership between home and school. We will depend on our parents for honest and consistent feedback – in this relationship we will feel fortunate indeed – and we will work hard to maintain it.

While navigating through our website, we will provide an introduction to who we are and what we do. We encourage parents and students to visit us to get a real sense of the “pulse” of the NFPS community. Please accept our personal invitation to call and make an appointment.


The NFPS Team

* conditional accreditation